Vision Statement

Sector Diversification

Uniquein its market position, AMG is one of a handful of internationally recognized Egyptianconsultancies delivering the full package of multidisciplinary engineering services.The firm capitalizes on its distinctive competitive advantages by pursuing anaggressive agenda to access all potentially viable market sectors either on astand-alone basis or via mutually beneficial partnerships. Undertaking amultitude of landmark projects in the buildings, industrial, infrastructure,and urban planning sectors, AMG also harnesses state-of-the-art capacities totap into high-value markets of power and transportation.

High-CaliberEngineering Expertise

Vitalto sustained firm growth is the engagement of genuine talent and premierexpertise across all specializations. AMG’s superior track record underscoresthe significance of integrating cutting-edge experience and proven success tocreate masterpiece ideas and solutions catering to a repeated and loyal clientbase.

Global Expansion

Boostinggrowth prospects and revenues necessitates AMG’s portfolio expansion within andbeyond its local borders. New frontiers and markets are systematically assessedfor viable opportunities. This process is driven by the adoption of cutting-edgeengineering technologies, dynamic client networking, up-to-date awareness, andrespect of cultural requirements.