Excellence in multidisciplinary A/E
and Projects Management Consultation.

Integrated architecture, engineering, and management expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions for complex projects.

Architectural & Interior

Focus on designing functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces that enhance living and working environments.

Electrical & Light Current

Design power systems, lighting,and communication networks,ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

Roads & Parking

Facilitate transportation and accessibility, ensuring safe and efficient movement for vehicles and pedestrians.

Value Engineering

Seeks to maximize project value by optimizing costs, performance, quality, and sustainability without sacrificing functionality.

Mechanical (Plumbing, Fire Fighting & HVAC)

Covers plumbing, firefighting, and HVAC systems, ensuring safety, comfort, and efficiency in buildings.

Urban & Landscape

Harmonize built environments with nature, creating sustainable, livable, and visually appealing public spaces.

Industrial Planning & Engineering

Optimize processes, layout, and systems to enhance productivity, efficiency , and safety in manufacturing environments.

Costing & Tendering

Involve estimating project expenses and soliciting bids from contractors to complete projects.

Utilities & Infrastructure

Provide essential services like water, energy, transportation, and communication networks, supporting community development and functionality.

Structural Engineering

Ensures buildings and infrastructures are safe, stable, and durable, through precise analysis and innovative designs.

Project Management

Involves planning, organizing, and overseeing tasks and resources to achieve specific goals within constraints.

Design-build Operations

Streamline construction project by integrating design and construction phases, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

Construction Management & Supervision

Oversee project planning, scheduling, budgeting, and quality control to ensure successful project completion.

Special Studies

Including EIA, traffic impact, sustainability, medical planning, acoustics, etc.